The Unbearable Lightlessness of Being

Fandom:Teen Wolf (Season 1 through 3A)
Rating:R / AO3


Characters:Peter, Lydia, Stiles, Derek, Laura and others
Pairing:Peter/Lydia, minor Stiles/Derek
Warnings:slavery, rape, abuse (sexual, drugs, physical), torture, violence, character death
Status:writing a little something

Author's Note

I had this dream and this long AU idea, popped out of it. I guess it's different from the other AUs which basically ignore everything 3B and following in that it is a complete AU world.

Usually I do not do these but the way it's build up, I try to keep the core of the characters alive while also think about how they are all slightly different due to the changed but sometimes also similar experiences and circumstances.

Short Summary

Imagine a world where Gerard Argent is in charge, where he’s judge, jury and executioner …

Supernatural beings are out to the world and made the scapegoat for everything, Laura and her pack fight a guerilla war for survival and their very freedom. Werewolves are not just hunted and killed, they’re also imprisoned, broken and then kept as slaves.

Those in charge use fear of the supernatural to get ordinary citizen to fall in line and accept their dreary lives as wage slaves.

Lydia is a low-ranking member of the ruling class. She was happily buying the lies about werewolves and others being nothing more but animals but on the day of her initiation ceremony her view of the world gets its first cracks beginning to show the ugly truth underneath all the propaganda. When she sees how Peter Hale - the werewolf who bit her years ago - is treated after being finally captured, it only horrifies her.

In an attempt to help Peter, Lydia asks that he’d be given to her as her initiation present and Gerard agrees. What Lydia didn’t realise is that Peter wouldn’t be grateful and that Gerard was going to make sure that Peter would be properly trained for his new role as Lydia’s slave …