The Road Taken

Fandom:Wild Hogs
Rating:T / 13+


Characters:Jack, Red, Murdock, other Del Fuegos

Author's Note

While this is a fanfiction based on the film "Wild Hogs" it is neither a comedy nor are any of the four main characters appearing. The focus lies on Jack (Ray Liotta's character) and the rest of the Del Fuegos.

Short Summary

Coming back from a weekend road trip, the Del Fuegos encounter a women wiht a broken down car. Her inability to reach anyone via cell is only a minor concern for them, till they realise that all the phones stopped working and all tv and radio stations have gone offline.

Together with their new guest they try and figure out what happened and how to handle this unusual situation.


Aug 15, 2010

I finally set up the page for this plot bunny, I already have written the first chapter - but I am not 100% happy with it. There is no rush - after all the movie does not even have a category on

I am quite optimistic that I will get somewhere with this story. After all it is pretty straight forward with not too many twists.

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