The Immortal Fiend

Fandom:Highlander: The Series
Archived:nothing published yet


Characters:Kronos, some OCs
Warnings:OFC/Kronos, rape, violence
Status:The story is outlined, most of the sequel, too

Author's Note

When I first had the idea I already heard that a lot of stories involing Methos and/or Kronos in connection with Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest are already out, but that won't stop me writing my own. Kronos is the only canon character, names from Robin Hood movies/series will appear, but the characters are mostly a mix of everything and my own ideas.

The first story will take place in the Robin Hood time, and then on a few points in time characters will go deeper into their current past ... hope that makes sense :D

Short Summary

Robin Hood is young noblemen, deeply impressed by meeting King Richard during the crusade and who returns and decides to oppose Prince John. He takes charge over a group of outlaws who until he arrived only took money and supplies for themselves guided by the Lady Marion a young noblewomen who has an appetite for intrigues.

But then Robin kills the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John sents in a dangerous replacement - Ralph de Carnac. The norman noblemen is even feared among his fellow men and they have good reason - because he is in fact Kronos. Having the chance to control and terrorize Sherwood forest is something he has waited for, but there is just one small thing that spoils his good time - Marion.

It doesn't take Kronos long to figure out that she is tipping off the outlaws on whom to attack, but before he has a chance to come down on her with the full "force of the law" - he learns that she is the cousin of the king. But even worse Prince John's adores her and makes Kronos responsible for her safety. So it's either giving up his comfortable position or getting back at Marion .. and Kronos decides just to wait a little bit longer - after all he has enough time on his hands.