The Dream Wedding

Fandom:Harry Potter

1301 words

Warnings:First chapter contains bad canon rape - don't miss chapter 2!

Author's Note

I wrote this very short piece of fanfic after beginning to read a lot of Draco/Hermione fics, all were utterly fluffy and sickening - especially as they were so badly out of character. You know in a way that if not for the names you wouldn't realise that it were those two.

So the main intention of this story is to lure the reader's of those stories into reading it and then slap them in the face when reading chapter 2.

Short Summary

It's Wedding time at Hogwarts and everyone his out of their minds when Hermione and Draco are about to tie the knot.

And on with the plot

Highlight to read what lies ahead of you when you don't mind spoilers.

But then Draco awakens having one of the worst nightmares ever and he is all the more determined to let the guilty party suffer for it ...