The Darkness Within

Fandom:Charlie's Angels
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currently about 60.000

Characters:The Thin Man, Dylan, Natalie, Alex, the boyfriends, some OCs
Warnings:Dylan/Thin Man, violence, angst
Status:work in progress, a bit stuck

Author's Note

Some of the rare stories where I like the canon females, I am a huge Dylan/Thin Man shipper (since the first movie!) and the main part of this was written after the 2nd movie. The writing went very well, the comments really lightened up my life and I wrote chapter after chapter. Then two of my rabbits died and I was so crushed it took month before I wrote anything again ... unfortunately I was out of the flow and re-reading this mess, I found too many grammar mistakes and did not manage to get rid of them myself.

Short Summary:

Begins at the premiere, when Dylan is asked by a detective to identify the corpse of the Thin Man. Even worse she also discovers that Seamus survived the fall and is in a coma. The Angels and the nuns bury the Thin Man and except for Dylan everyone moves on ...

Then on a new chase, something happens during a break-in, when the Angels try to secure information - Dylan finds herself face to face with the Thin Man. Is it really him? Is it a twin? Can there be two guys grown up at different places who have the same strange habit ...