Sinister Choices

Fandom:The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (movie)


Characters:Jekyll/Hyde, Mina, Skinner, Tom, M, Dorian
Warnings:rape, slash
Status:roughly outlined

Author's Note

The fanfic is set a few years after the movie. M and Dorian will be back. Will revolve a lot more around the mystical aspects with Dracula and Lucy also showing up again. (Both are based on my own ideas taken from many Dracula movies and novels/short stories). In a way that makes Lucy and Dracula OCs.
Aside from the plot there will be a lot of conflict between the characters, so I provided a short list, of the individual relationships, so you can see if you might be interest enough to read the fanfic.
Minavs.LucyLucy is jelaous of Mina. To her it seems that everyone prefers Mina over her, Dracula, Dorian and Jekyll, also the fac that she is a vampire and lives, while Van Helsing, Mina's and her husband staked and beheaded her. Mina feels bad about the past and is crushed as she really loved her best friend.
Minavs.JekyllI am a shipper, as I see the situation: Mina is still scarred by her experience with Dracula and Dorian. Jekyll is also pretty repressed, which makes it hard for them to find each other.
Minavs.DraculaDracula wants her mostly because she rejected him, Mina does not and is afraid of the power he has over her to set free desires she feels uncomfortable with.
Lucyvs.Jekyll/HydeLucy has the hots for Jekyll, very early on she bites him and he suffers from erotic dreams about her as result. Hyde is telling him to go for it, but Jekyll is scared of her and also of what Mina might think of him.
Lucyvs.DraculaUnhappy about him more interested in Mina, also afraid as Dracula is angry with her for having too much of a good time without him
Mvs.DorianM wants Dorian, Dorian is not overly interested in him and loves to flirt with Lucy just to annoy M, even though he has no real interest in her.
Lucyvs.DorianLucy knows that Dorian is just trying to annoy M, trying to hide her frustration she pretends that she is annoyed by his advances. Dorian knows she would gladly say yes, if he really meant it and his game becomes even more enjoyable to him.
Dorianvs.MinaDorian ist just a tiny bit mad at her, Mina on the other hand has not forgotten how he used her.
As you can see there is a lot of sexual tension and that might also lead to some scenes that might be triggery when Dracula or Lucy force their prey into a corner. Another character that will play an important role, is M's secretary who has a crush on him and will end up getting along very well with Lucy. So, when I warn for slash it is not just the m/m variant but mainly the f/f, as I am not sure if any actual sex with Dorian and another guy will happen.

Short Summary

Dracula was defeated - not permanently destroyed. As he re-awakens, his surviving bride Lucy brings him new allies: M and Dorian. Together they form their own league. Each has their own agenda with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


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