Shadows Of The Past

Fandom:Kindred: The Embraced
Rating:15 +


Characters:Julian, Daedalus, Cameron
Warnings:Contains two OFCs
Status:roughly outlined

Author's Note

My sequal to the show, which ended way to soon. Builds off on the events from "Cabin in the Woods". As I see it, nobody is really happy with Cameron being the new head of the Brujah clan. The major part of the story will be about him and the real reason why Archon sent Julian out to destroy the Brujah's around Cameron that night.

The two new characters I introduce are both Brujahs, one won't play a big role, the other one will have to do with the overall plot and is someone Cameron knows and sees as a love interest.

Of course the other characters will appear. Daedalus will be important as Julian's best friend and advisor (especially now that Archon is gone). Not to forget about Frank, who just found out his partner is a vampire. That will lead to some conflict. Cash and Sasha will also be a part, but I don't think more than in an average episode not revolving around them.

Short Summary

The situation in San Fransisco is still tense, when two new Brujah come to the city, both with their own baggage and connections inside the clan.


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