Sci-Fi themed fanfiction

This categories holds all those stories where the science-fiction theme plays an important part. Some stories also have other themes and I might move them over to miscellaneous if I work on them more and decide that other themes are just as dominant.

I am always - always - looking for a beta-reader. SpaG alone would be awesome but if you want to nitpick other things like style, pacing or characterization - I am open to it all. I can work with nice betas but I really prefer and love those who just straight out say what they think sucks.

Quick Guide

  • Unfinished Series, containing finished stories are marked with (~)
  • Finished Series and stories are marked with (*)
  • Unfinished but posted stories have a (^)
  • Series with a more detailed sub-pages are marked with an (+)
  • Ideas and non-posted stories have no markers
  • Fanfics only available in German are marked with a (g)