Fandom:The Bourne Series


Characters:Kirill, OFC, Bourne, Pamela Landy
Warnings:Kirill/OFC, violence
Status:check the news update below

Author's Note

Kirill is one of my favourite hitman, for the longest time I wanted to write a story with him.I just did not want to write any old killer ends up with girl story, now that I got a rather action filled plot with some nice twists, I feel like I can give this a go.

Short Summary:

After the crash, Kirill was hospitalized and when Gretkov revealed his involvement, he was imprisoned. However, as they transfered him from the hospital facilities to the actual prison, he escaped. Hunted and without a home or job, he offered his service as a hitman.

His first mission was to eliminate a data thief and make sure the information does not fall into the wrong hands. Soon Kirill finds himself in the crossfire between some rather nasty information brokers and ruthless CIA killers. He realises that his employer is withoulding a lot of information ....