Return Of The Scorpion King

Fandom:The Mummy Returns
Rating:R (german site)


Characters:The Scorpion King, some OCs
Warnings:OFC/Scorpion King, rape, violence
Status:I have completed about 3/4 of the story in German

Author's Note

When I saw the prequel to the Mummy movies, I wasn't thrilled at all - I had wanted to see The Scorpion King as the vicious villain not as Mr. Teddy-Bear! So the character is only based on what we learn from "The Mummy returns" except for the name - I kind of love the sound of it.

Short Summary

Anubis is told by Osiris that the Scorpion King now belongs to him, as he was beaten with his spear. The sungod has plans involving Mathayus and sents him in the now time back to earth in order to conquer the world. But aside from using lost gold from the pyramide and other sources to build his army, Mathayus is also interested in revenge - revenge against the man who defeated him.

But as it turns out Rick O'Connell and his son are already dead ... the only O'Connell who is still alive is Rick's granddaughter Chandra. At first the Scorpion King's wants to kill her, but when he sees the attractive red-head he bestows upon her the "honour" of becoming his lover.

But Chandra, as everything else in the modern world, is a mystery to the warrior from the past and the lessons come down hard on both of them when they learn how the ancients gods have made them their pawns in a deadly struggle for power.

News regarding The Return of the Scorpion King

Oct 30, 2009
Today I found another sweet review for this fanfic.

Encouraged I decided not to waste time playing Civilization IV and wrote almost a whole page. Then I got stuck, but hopefully before the month is out, the next chapter will be up.
Oct 28, 2009
While I really should be doing something else, I just needed to make one more individual story layout. This probably the story I have made the most progress on and that I am most likely to finish.

The graphic features of course the triumphing Scorpion King, Chandra the not very happy ofc of the story, a tiny scorpion and an Anubis warrior as a shadowy figure to round things up.

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