Red Skies

Fandom:V - The Mini-Series / V - The Series


Characters:Charles, Martin, Mike Donovan, Ham Tyler, etc
Warnings:AU, OFC/Canon
Status:ideas, tons of scenes in mind, rough plot

Author's Note

I always thought it was a shame that Martin was killed off so soon in the series, not to mention Charles. While the series felt a bit cheesy, together with the books, it gave me tons of ideas on how things could have ended instead.

In this story, the change that makes it AU happens, due to two new characters from the NY resistance who moved to L.A. They follow Martin and Donovan when they go after Diana, who was kidnapped by Ham on Bates orders. Here Diana does not manage to escape but is shot by one of the new characters. Which saves Martin and in the long run Charles who will arrive then a bit sooner to take up the negotiation game with Bates.

Short Summary

Not sure at which point I should begin - at the huge party after the visitors are driven off, after Diana is killed, after L.A. becomes the free-city?