Fandom:The Cave
Rating:Mature Content


Characters:Jack, Tyler, Top

Author's Note

I always wanted to write a story about how Jack survived and spinning it on, I came up with this idea. However it is a total romance story, dealing with how Jack has to deal with his transformation and how it will affect his relationship with a woman he fell in love with.

Short Summary

Katherine released the parasites to this outside world, giving her an unnatural hunger and super human strength. Most of those whom she begins to feed on are becoming mindless, bloodthirsty drones that spread the parasite and the afflicting conditions everywhere she goes.

In the meantime a team of scientist has found and captured Jack. They observe how he gradually changes in the darkness of their labratory until he finally manages to escape. In the outside world however things are shaken up. People are grouped together fighting off the bloodthirsty hordes their friends and neighbours have become.

Admits the scared and often violent survivors Jack rescues a very resolute women who was the only surivor of a decision made by an arrogant scared to death fool. When the new group he leaves her with is guided by his brother Tyler, he begins to seek human contact again and realises that no matter the outside, he is still human on the inside.