Ocean's Way

Fandom:Pirates of the Caribbean


Characters:Norrington, Elizabeth, Barbossa, Will, Jack
Warnings:AR, ofc/canon, rape
Status:The outline is finished, the first three chapters are finished, one chapter is already beta-read

Author's Note

I won't deny the fact that I hate the sequals, which is why I wrote my own. If you do not like AR (alternate reality) fanfiction, you probably want to skip on this. Apart from the fact that I am going to ignore the sequels, I try to keep all the canons in character according to the first movie. I appreciate feedback, especially criticism.

Yes, there is also an OFC and she falls in love with Norrington, who is unlucky for her much too occupied with mourning the fact that Elizabeth is about to marry Will and then busy trying to rescue her (yet again).

Short Summary

A day before the wedding Norrington is distracted by an official investiagtion. The question who Lady Bradford's niece really is and who is really after the old woman's fortune soon begin to pale when Elizabeth wedding day finally dawns.

Updates for Ocean's Way

Jul 29, 2010
Finally, after a long break, I made another layout. Maybe I need to tweak a few of the link colours but I think it is okay enough to look at.
Jun 24, 2010
Still trying to figure out what I want to do with Chapter 3.
May 30, 2010
After taking months to complete chapter two, I am now well into chapter three. I am not sure how long this phase will last but I realise once again how much writing helps me. Credit to breaking my writer's block goes to Rinoa for being not just an avid reader of my stories but also for allowing to spoiler her and giving me advice.