No Way Out

Fandom:Die Hard 2


Characters:Colonel Stuart
Warnings:AU, OFC/Canon, violence, rape
Status:an old beginning in German

Author's Note

I know rape is a difficult theme in fanfics as it is often misused as a cheap device for a romantic relationship. You know A gets raped by C and then B shows up and A and B life happily ever after, or even worse. A gets raped by B and A falls for B.

This is not what happens in this fanfic - this has nothing to do with romance. It is about the power and control that Stuart likes to exercise over others and how that affects the unfortunate woman who was at the wrong time at the wrong place.

Short Summary:

I guess everyone knows the famous scene in Die Hard 2 when McClane gets himself out of the cockpit before the grenades exlodes. In in this AU story, the lever was stuck. With McClane out of the game, the terrorists escape.

As nobody discovered the hideout at the church, a young woman knocks there to pick something for her parents, who are in one of the planes waiting for landing permission. Ending up as a hostage, who is then taken along for the flight to a country that has no expedition treaty.

News about No way out

Nov 1, 2009
I recently had a look at the old story excerpts in German, the beginning lacks a few descriptions, the flight is rather short - but the scenes with Stuart are kind of hot. I probably should not say that, as the poor girl certainly feels the exact opposite of what comes to my mind when imagining the Colonel having his way with me. But the overall writing is at least 10 years old and decided that I need to overhaul the story and will do so in English. I doubt that I will publish it on - but I think is probably a good story for the adult fanfiction net. It is a pretty twisted story, although I am sure there are a lot of stories that make this one look rather tame. The layout represents the beauty of the stories setting - Stuart's house on the beach in the sun with a hint to what lies beneath that pretty setting. I just wish the pics of Stuart naked in that room had a better quality.

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