Fandom:The Patriot
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Characters:Tavington, Bordon, Wilkins, OCs
Warnings:AR, OFC/Tavington, violence
Status:The story is roughly outlined

Author's Note

This story focuses on the Green Dragoons and it will give them a different ending from the movie. Also, there will be an original female character, who appears in chapter 4 or 5 of the story. The main idea was to start out with different scenes from the movie and show them from the perspective of the Green Dragoons. It will include missing scenes, two of the deleted scenes and then eventually take a different direction from the movie.

Unlike most of my other stories, I try and keep this story strictly PG 13. So basically, you do not read about violence more graphic than in the movie and romance is on pretty much the same level.

Informatio for Beta Readers

Mark the text to read it, but it does contain spoilers ....

I would need someone who is open-minded enough not to freak out on me, because in this fanfic, Martin will die and thus in this movie-verse the British are going to win *whee*.

The first change to the movie is, when after the cut out tent scene, Tavington is informed that Wilkins was slightly injured and being obviously interested in his men having the best care he and Bordon ride into Charleston.

There they will meat the OFC, who is helping out as a nurse. Tavington is terribly nasty to her, as she is taking care of an enemy soldier. Later O'Hara demands that he apologizes to her, but nurse - Elizabeth - seems more interested in avoiding him.

After the "prisoner" exchange, Martin is thrown of his horse and breaks a leg. It's pretty serious and his men decide that they need a good doctor, but even he has no clue what to do, when a fever breaks out. He, however, knows that Elizabeth posesses healing knowledge which could help.

So the doctor lures Elizabeth away from the city, but when they arrive at rebell's house, Tavington already awaits them. Convinced that the girl is a traitor he orders her to be taken to the nearest village and hung.

There is more, but I think those are already enough spoilers.

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