Canon Pairings/Moresomes I like

Below I will list canon characters I am rather fond of being involved in a relationship, on those I really like I might even expand a bit more. It's just a list for no specific person but to inform and maybe given more time to say a few words why I like those couples.

  • Teen Wolf: Lydia Martin/Peter Hale

    My current favourite pairing, love the creepy air this pairing has. There is just so much potential to make this really intriguing. Not to mention, I do like unhealthy relationships when they are dealt with properly.
  • Van Helsing: Count Dracula/Gabriel Van Helsing

    Even though the film is almost ten years old now, I still love those two. With a definite friendship in their past, who knows what really went on back then when Vladislaus was still mortal and Gabriel clearly not so much?
  • Charlie's Angels: Dylan Saunders/The Thin Man

    Even before the second film made this official I was getting all the Dylan/Anthony vibes. There were so many good fanfics about them about after Full Throttle. From dark to sweet and I adore them all (still read them).
  • Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper

    I always seem to go where the majority isn't. Everyone ships John/Sherlock and I go for Molly - but I really like how her character and treatment of Sherlock develops and Reichenbach Falls was pretty suggestive for anyone who likes the pairing.
  • American Gothic: Lucas Buck/Gail Emory

    As far as unhealthy relationships go, this one is pretty solid. Lucas may or may not be the devil but Gail was convinced he murdered her parents when she was getting the hots for him. He also knocked her up and tortured her with vision to the point that she nearly killed herself: and yet despite being aware how bad he is, Gail is still drawn to him.
  • Blade The Series: Krista Starr/Marcus Van Sciver

    Another one for awesome unhealthy relationships. After murdering her brother and turning her against her will into a vampire, Krista goes undercover to the point where she literally does so. Near the end of the season it is hard to say how much is pretend and what has become a real pull.

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