Matrix Of The Dead

Fandom:The Matrix Trilogy


Characters:Agent Smith, Agent Johnson, Agent Brown & Agent Jones
Warnings:OFC/Agent Johnson
Status:Plot stands, the beginning and some other scenes are written

Author's Note

This fanfic is set some years after Revolutions. Agent Smith is retored from a back-up copy. In a way, this is a genre crossover by implementing zombies into the matrix, but with no specific zombie story or characters in mind.

Short Summary

After the peace between humans and machines, seen at the end of Revolutions, it lasted for a while, before the growing population of Zion brought about a new conflict. However, this time the stability of the matrix is achieved through different means.

A re-instated Agent Smith is somewhat bewildered to find out the story behind the One. Most of all he hates the new situation and how his fellow agents have changed since he last saw them. Before Smith has a chance to get used to his new circumstances, a new aggressive virus is attacking the BTUs, the Biological Transfer Units, who are now vital to the stability of the Matrix.

Even worse, as a side effect, plugged in humans are infected by it and turn into zombies, who in return infect more of their peers. Will the Agents manage to stop the invasion and remove the threat before more and more people die and render the whole planet dead?

Updates for Matrix of the Dead

Oct 30, 2009
Yes, another layout, this time one that shows zombies and the wonderful Agents from the Matrix. No plot bunny or setting is too strange for me.

Set up the layout and re-worded the content a bit.