Kinks and Tropes I really like

While I usually need the personalities and character dynamics being explored to really enjoy a fanfiction, there are certain tropes and kinks that I like in both my PWPs and my longer fanfictions.

  • Dub-Con/Non-Con

    Having one character overpowered, through coercion or force, while being a a horrible thing in real life, can be really stimulating read if written right. Goes practically hand in hand with forced orgasm, humiliation and master/slave tropes.
  • Tentacle Sex

    While unfortunately mostly presented in connection with non-con, tentacle sex is actually pretty hot in consensual encounters. Just think about having every single erogenous zone stimulated and cared for while the tentacles slowly go in one after the other until the person full ... the possibilities are so varied and from self-lubrication to little mouths on them - you can basically add the pleasing features at your leisure.
  • Knotting

  • Size Kink

  • Double Penetration

  • Three/Moresomes