Betas: Always needed - hard to find and keep

Dear potential beta,

I really love to improve my writing but doing it without any feedback is impossible, so I'm well aware that my writing needs the touch of an editor, a beta, one who isn't too shy to point out my mistakes.

Primarily I do need grammar help, sometimes word use issues, probably also some feedback on flow and descriptions. I get a little bit better but sometimes I notice the fall back into patterns. There is the problem that spell check just finds words that are spelled wrong and not always words that are spelled wrong in context.

Either way, I've got a couple of un-betaread stories piling up and I'd love to get them all worked over but especially help with my ongoing projects. As I need more than one story, the general details first, story specific info down the line with each story.

The Basics:

1. Pen Name: Barbayat
6. Beta Type: SpaG, but any poke about other things that seem off (flow, description, OOCness) is welcome
7. Harshness: Very harsh, please. The less a beta is concerned about hurting my feelings the better for my stories.

Notes: If you can only help with one chapter or a short portion, that is appreciated a lot, too. If you thought you had time for more and real life got in the way: no problem. Although, please just let me know, don't just fade to black, makes me feel like I got the black plague or something.

Most Desired:

Always an Alpha (AO3, gdocs)

2. Fandom: Teen Wolf
3. Rating: Mostly Teen
4. Spoilers/Time Line: 3A AU
5. Pairing: Lydia/Peter

Notes: Long ongoing story, chapters around 7k on average, older chapters need work but a beta for the newer stuff is what I need the most.

Shorter Stories (under 10k)

untitled (gdocs)

2. Fandom: Fantastic Four Movies
3. Rating: Explicit
4. Spoilers/Time Line: post silver surfer incident
5. Pairing: Dr. Doom/OFC

Notes: ~ 4k, very dark story, non-con, murder, voyeurism

Unholy Trinity (gdocs)

2. Fandom: Priest (Movie)
3. Rating: Explicit
4. Spoilers/Time Line: post movie
5. Pairing: Lucy/Black Hat (non-con)

Notes: ~3k (chapter 1, works as one-shot)

A different kind of torture (gdocs, AO3)

2. Fandom: Casino Royale (2006)
3. Rating: Explicit
4. Spoilers/Time Line: AU of the torture scene
5. Pairing: LeChiffre/Bond (non-con)

Notes: ~3.5 k

The Admiral's daughter (gdocs, AO3)

2. Fandom: Star Trek
3. Rating: Explicit
4. Spoilers/Time Line: Before STID
5. Pairing: Khan/Carol

Notes: little WIP I started and that needs some serious editing, one long chapter left to write, so far at roughly 5k

How to make trees grow (gdocs, AO3)

2. Fandom: Teen Wolf
3. Rating: Explicit
4. Spoilers/Time Line: Season 3A AU
5. Pairing: Peter/Lydia

Notes: ~7k - very porny, potion fumes made them do it trope, would love one for the last part of this series as well

Longer WIPs

(gdocs, AO3)

2. Fandom:
3. Rating:
4. Spoilers/Time Line:
5. Pairing:


Ideas for future stories

The Unbearable Lightlessness of Being (pitch)

2. Fandom: Teen Wolf
3. Rating: Explicit
4. Spoilers/Time Line: AU
5. Pairing: Peter/Lydia, some Derek/Stiles pre-slash

Notes: A dark AU, with lots of torture, slavery and non-con/dub-con situations