Fantasy themed fanfiction

Fanfics listed in this section are either from fandoms with a strong supernatural or fantastic element. It can be a sword'n'sorcery world like Conan the Barbarian, something like the Mummy movies, Highlander or something like Pirates of the Caribbean.

If I feel that other elements are more or just as important when I work more on a story they could be moved though.

Note: All fanfics based on the tv show Teen Wolf have their own sub-section on this page, similar to those stories I definitely won't be working on this year. Only on top, as Teen Wolf fanfic is something that I definitely need in my life.

Quick Guide

  • Unfinished Series, containing finished stories are marked with (~)
  • Finished Series and stories are marked with (*)
  • Unfinished but posted stories have a (^)
  • Series with a more detailed sub-pages are marked with an (+)
  • Ideas and non-posted stories have no markers
  • Fanfics only available in German are marked with a (g)