Dark Matters Series

Fandom:Van Helsing
Warnings:losts of OCs, OFC/Canon, murder, non-con, torture

Love is a fragile thing, Prequel


It is a cold September afternoon and the three children of Valerious the Elder are awaiting his return from one of his scholarly missions. Much to their surprise he brings a guest with him: a man who recently lost his memory but is supposed to be a warrior for God.

With all my heart, Prequel

Status:maybe 1-2 chapters, but need inspiration for this

Before Verona met Dracula she led a normal, almost boring life. Married to an older men, who was rich in money and poor in affection, she is trying her best to be a good wife thinking that is all there is to life. Then on one of Vladislaus's famous balls, she caught his eye and Verona's life is suddenly turned upside down when the Count awakens desires in her that she never she had to begin with.

Dark Matters: Rebirth, Part 1

Archived:fanfiction.net (censored);


Status:nearly finished, 18 Chapters approx. 2 left

180 years after Dracula was bitten by Werwolf-Van Helsing, he awakens weakened into the world of his dreams. Only that he discovers that his dream is leaving him starving as most of the mortals are extinct and hunted by demons of all sorts. Rumors of a last city where humans can live in relative safety bring him across the ocean to Los Angeles.

Here a power hungry mage called Lace rules over the city. The strict rules imposed by the mage are not to Dracula's liking. When Lace offers him to restore his powers, the Count takes him on his offer and begins to see why Lace handles things a certain way.

Dark Matters: Reunion, Part 2

Gabriel Van Helsing comes to L.A. and much to Dracula's annoyance, again he has no clue who he is and what history they shared. But unbeknownst to Dracula he is already very close to someone who Gabriel holds very dear.

Dark Matters: Revenge, Part 3

After the events in L.A. things do not go well for Dracula with his newly chosen bride. But that is nothing compared to the horror Gabriel faces when he finally finds out the reason behind his memory loss, the fate of the one person he was looking to save and all those who perished because he trusted the wrong person.

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