Dangerous Desires Series

Fandom:Star Wars - The Phantom Menance

Dangerous Desires

Archived:fanfiction.net / AO3

2850 words

Characters:Darth Maul
Warnings:OFC/Canon, rough sex, 1st person

The story of a young woman, living on a remote planet in an agricultural colony, who encounters a stranger with horns and weird full body tattoos one day ...

Given the fact that Maul most certainly would not pick up any strays from random missions just as Palpatine would never allow him to keep them, I can not claim that I tried my best to keep Maul in-character. However, I hope I kept the general spirit of Darth Maul's nature.

Dangerous Desires, Part 2

Characters:Obi-Wan Kenobi
Warnings:OFC/Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sequel
Status:Rough plot is outlined

A little spin-off to the first part, where Prey meets Obi-Wan, not knowing that he is the one who killed Darth Maul.

Disillusioned by how badly training Anakin goes for him, Obi-Wan ends up re-visiting unsavory places where Qui-Gonn took him. Which includes a club featuring exotic dancers and one in particular catches his eyes.

Planet of Eternal Night

Characters:Darth Maul, Palpatine, Prey(OFC), more OCs
Warnings:Darth Maul/OFCs, rape, torture, gratuitous violence
Status:Plot outlined, prologue nearly completetd

Most of the story takes place on a planet where the force simply does not exist. Instead, the planet is filled with magic, powerful mages and supernatural creatures like vampires, demons and shapeshifters dwell there. In other words I transplanted Darth Maul in a different environment, where he has to fulfill his master's mission without any aid from the force.

Before Palpatine can spring his plans into action, he needs to ensure that the Jedi Masters do not notice that he is a force user. His contact on the Planet of Eternal Night told him about a magic artifact called the "Cloak of Deceit". This special garment can make the wearer appear as anything he wished to.

With his apprentice, Darth Maul, he then travels to the planet, where none of their powers work. At first, Maul is not to happy having to do without the force. However, hearing about a jedi and his padawan being stranded on the planet makes Maul all the more enthusiastic to go on this mission. Even though Maul is a formidable opponent without the force, getting the cloak the is everything but easy.

Down on the planet a struggle for power between an evil vampire and a sadistic mage (who happens to be Palpatine's contact) is making things all the more complicated. Both parties promise to deliver the cloak and hope to gain the Sith Lord as an ally for the future.

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