City Of The Dead Spider

Rating:R (maybe NC-17)
Archived:nothing ready for publication yet


Characters:Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn
Warnings:AU, Harry/OFC, Norman/OFCs, Violence, Rough Sex
Status:outline done

Author's Note

Yes, I do not like Spider-Man, the only reason to watch this movie is for me to watch the Osborns in action. This story is setting them both off with two girls, so if you dislike those kind of stories - better stay away. Aside from those to relationships, the story is also dealing a lot with the father/son relationship.

Short Summary:

Takes place a few years after the confrontation between the Green Goblin and Spider-Man, only that the Green Goblin one. Norman has used the time to make Oscorp one of the most successful organisations of the world. Harry is studying and slowly introduced to the firm by his father.

After his so-called friends died a tragic death, Peter eventually found real friends at the University, who actually liked him for he is. One of them is Fran and Harry has a terrible crush on her. The only problem she tells him right from the beginning she only wants to be friends.

Norman is not too happy to discover that his son's love interest is obviously flirting with him ...

More on the plot:

(Highlight if you are interested to beta, or if you don't mind spoilers)

After a party, where Fran is explaining to Norman that she likes, but has no interest in dating him, Norman only briefly talks to Harry the next morning, who says he just had spend most wonderful night and will soon be heading to Paris with his new fiancee.

What Norman did not knew at the point that Harry wasn't refering to having sex with Fran, but instead spending the night talking with Danielle, her best friend, whom Fran took along to the Party. Danielle and Harry hit it of at first sight, while Norman was busy on the phone. He only saw him leaving with Fran ...

But Fran isn't really isn't that upset about Norman visiting her, after all she wanted him for quite some time ...