Beloved Target

Fandom:Hard Target
Archived:read it on

33587 words

Characters:Emil Fouchon, Pick Van Cleaf
Warnings:AU, OFC/Canon, violence, grammar mistakes
Status:Complete - but due for a re-write
And in urgent need of a beta-reader

Author's Note:

This is the first fanfic I wrote in English and my first mutlichapter fanfic as well. I wrote it around 2000 and looking back I realize that it could be better. I'm fine with the basic plot, but the character development is a bit off for my taste and some details are not well explained. So I decided to give the story a re-write.

Once I have re-written the story, I will edit the first version up on Rewrite Status: Stuck at Chapter 10, needed to change a few things to account for an oversight that I can not ignore, also: way too many words. This rewrite is already longer now than the whole story. But I like where I am going with this.

Short Summary:

As a small change to the events of the movie, during the hunt on Roper two new characters enter the scene. An FBI Agent and his daughter who are just passing through that street. Naturally, the father does stop to help and saves the black man from Fouchon and his henchmen.

Emil Fouchon realises that with the FBI involved they need to leave the country as quickly as possible. Hoping to stop the Agent from involving himself in the first place, he orders Pik to kidnap the daughter.

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