A Very Special Heart

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Characters:King Einon, Lord Felton
Warnings:AU, OFC/Einon
Status:The story is roughly outlined

Author's Note

I happened to find Einon, Felton and Brok to be the three most intriguing characters of the book and in order to write more about them, this will be AU so they can live on ... while Bowen, Kara and the priest are dead.

Short Summary

Having killed Kara, the bride of the King, Felton fleed into another country and befriended the prince. But Einon's rule of terror soon becomes a thread even to his new home. The King offers the his daughter's hand in marriage believing that there is no way of stopping Einon.

But Felton has other plans, he knows that defeating Einon is the only thing that will save him and thus he convinces the prince that they need to kill his half-sister in order to force his father into war. Thus securing the prince's throne.

An attempt on the Dragon's life is thwarted by Brok and Einon successfully conquers the kingdom. But Felton and the prince fleed days before the war, when the princess returned to the castle. The attempt on her life failed, but she had no way of letting her father know that she was still alive or that is was Felton how manipulated her saddle.

Now being in Einon's power, the princess becomes his bride. But unlike Kara or Aislinn (Einon's mother) she was raised to play this part ...