A New Bat in Town

Fandom:Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin
Rating:R (maybe NC-17)
Archived:nothing ready for publication yet


Characters:Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Alfred, OCs
Warnings:Robin/OFC, Batman/OFCs, Violence, Vampires
Status:rough outline done

Author's Note

I write this picturing Michael Keaton in the role, but I try to keep it open enough so everyone can picture their favourite version. The background stories match what was told in the four movies, not the new one ...

I did not put this under vampire stories, despite it containing vampires as it does not really matter that they are vampires, it could have been something else, but I do like vampires and found it quite fitting to choose them as a new supernatural enemy for BATman.

Short Summary:

Set after Batman and Robin, the trio notices an increase in crime. Especially in rutheness considering smaller delicts, where not much money can be gained. They are getting the impression that somebody new tries to get a grasp on the organized crime.

Meanwhile Dick is getting a crush on a teammate of Barbara's who is brought home one evening. Sarah, however, showslittle interest. One evening as he volunteers to bring some books over to Sarah's place, she is attacked and after Robin scared the attacker away, he brings her to the hospital. Despite the obvious thread to her life, she refuses the invitation to stay at Wayne Manor.

Bruce has in the meanwhile discovered that obviously Max Shreck's son is obviously involved with this new crime wave, since Charles' evening companion, Jasmine, has been supervising a delivery of stolen art at the harbour. But things don't make much sense until Sarah has gone missing from the hospital.

More on the plot:

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