Fandom:X-Men (2000)
Archived:not ready for publication yet


Characters:Toad, Wolverine, OFCs
Warnings:AU, OFC/Toad
Status:First chapter is in the works, some later scenes are written, the outline is nearly complete

Author's Note

Had this idea ever since I had seen the first movie. However, the two seuels make this story AU. Not that I care, I never really liked the sequels. Mostly because some of the characters seem so OOC, which is probably why everyone said it felt more like the comics. Not to mention Toad and Sabretooth are my favourite characters.

Short Summary

As it says at the end of the first movie, the new bill lost his strongest supporter with Senator Kelly but it is not yet over. But Mystique has already thought up a new scheme, involving kidnapping and blackmail of the kids of four senators who are also in favour of the bill. Which might very well be the stupidest scheme the Brotherhood ever came up with, as one of the Senators is not above sacrificing his daughter, just to prove his point.

Logan is in the meantime busy scouting out the base Xavier pointed out to him. Of course, the base is abandonned and has been thoroughly cleaned out - with the exception of a private invoice with a familiar name on it. But as it turns out this was trap that had been laid out for him long ago.