Welcome To My Fanfiction Collective

For years now I have suffered from too many ideas for too many fanfictions. Some I have started - others just outlined. Real life or my exessive self-correcting phases always slowed things down or put them on hold entirely. Even though my English improved I am still looking for beta-readers, someone to bounce ideas off or just someone who would give honest feedback.

At least with a collective I can keep track on my idea and put the plot bunnies in an enclosure where I can nuture them. Deciding to convert this page so it runs with a content management system will hopefully help me in that endevour even more.

My Stories and I in 20 Words:

vampire, villains, het, angst, horror, R-rating, dark romance, violence, character development, in character writing, detailed plots, alternate universe, hero bashing

Of course, not all of this applies to all my stories, but I am very fond of Original Female Characters and I love to involve them with canon characters.

In the eyes of some people that makes them automatically a Mary Sue. I have chosen not to care anymore. Although, I have a morbid fascination with Litmus Tests, especially since on one very prominent one, you automatically gain Suehood just by having such a ofc/canon romance in your story. You will find more about this on the Litmus Test Results page.

Site Relevant News

Aug 11, 2011

Begun to change a few things. Now, in the side menue I will list the fandom before the individual story titles, I also plan on adding an overview on the main page of the subcategories to allow people to get a quick overview on what the stories are all about.

Once I get more stories done, I want to get rid of the complete category and implement another one and have the completed story with the rest. But right now I got too many unfinished projects listed here.

Another idea is to list the chapters here as well and maybe also collect reviews I got on various sites (at least those that offer other readers some insight) and put them up here.

Nov 5, 2009
Wow, the ideas are just piling up. At least now, using the cms for Maratofel I can keep track of them easier. One of my older ideas for a fanfic is "All For Love" (just working title) a story based on the 1993 version of The Three Musketeers with Charlie Sheen, Oliver Platt and Kiefer Sutherland. The newest is a fanfic for Criminal Minds which is currently titled the "The Man without Mercy" and deals with Hotch being kidnapped by a sadistic serial killer. Also, I entered "Love is a fragile thing" the slash background story between Vladislaus and Gabriel from my Van Helsing fanfic "Dark Matters".
Nov 4, 2009
Added a couple of new plot bunnies I had, some are older others are newer. The oldest is probably Red Skies under Sci-Fi - which is a V fanfic. No not as in V for Vendetta but as in V the bad aliens that came to take over the planet. I love the mini-series, final battle, the novels and even the tv-show. Then of course my AU for the Harry Potter Series - no matter how disappointing I found Book 7, I get always drawn back to the fandom as I really loved the other six books. The fanfic is about Snape and is set after Voldemort's defeat, it has the title "The Comfort of Strangers". More can be found in the fanstay section. Also added in this update is the idea for a shorter fanfic where Vaako from Chronicles of Riddick is left behind on a planet and finds an unlikely alley. I called this one "Left Behind" and naturally it is under Sci-Fi.
Oct 28, 2009
On this glorious day and at this unholy hour this site was converted to a cms (conent managament system). The layout still got a few flaws, some of the content is a bit outdated and possesses scary, scary grammar. All in all, I am quite happy with how things turned out.

From the finished installation to this moment it only took only two and a half hour.